An estimated 10 million baby boomers are facing retirement within the next 20 years. Are you ready?

For you, this is an opportunity to strengthen client relationships and solidify your business by delivering solid strategies that can help sustain your clients’ income throughout retirement. But it requires financial plans that go beyond traditional asset allocation. It requires Product Allocation.

With Product Allocation, investors have a concrete reason for consolidating their assets with you. That’s because the Product Allocation process requires you to have a complete view of all sources of income to deliver a true and accurate evaluation of their retirement income sustainability. It doesn’t work if you’re only considering a portion of a client’s portfolio.

With so few advisors talking about retirement income planning in a serious and tangible way, this is an advantage for you. Not only does Product Allocation supply a reason for you to talk to your clients about their retirement plans, the Product Allocation Tool provides the technical backup to your overall discussion.

With Product Allocation, you have the ability to differentiate yourself as a retirement income specialist. And it gives you an opportunity to present different options to your clients – options your clients may not have thought about or considered in the past. By demonstrating why you’re different, and why it makes sense to consolidate assets with you, you have the opportunity to be the advisor of choice for your current clients and expand your business by targeting new markets.

There’s one other opportunity: Product Allocation can also help you with your own succession planning. While every business is different, a business that has steady, consistent revenue streams and a solid customer base is worth more. If you’re able to do any of the above, you’ll be enhancing the value of your business.

In short, Product Allocation gives you the opportunity to:

Consolidate assets

Differentiate yourself

Expand your target market

Become the advisor of choice

Diversify product holdings

Enhance the value of your practice

This section of the site lets you read about the challenges facing your clients in retirement, listen to other advisors describe what Product Allocation means to their business, and hear how Product Allocation actually helped some advisor’s clients.