The Product Allocation client website seeks to help investors understand how they can help mitigate retirement risks by incorporating a Product Allocation strategy into their retirement plan with the assistance of their advisor.

Investors can determine their retirement priorities by taking theRetirement Priorities Challenge, an interactive exercise that helps prioritize retirement goals and identify their aversion to risk. Upon completion of this exercise, investors have the ability to print or email the results directly to their advisor.

In either scenario, the goal of the exercise is to open dialogue between client and advisor about Product Allocation as a means to creating a sustainable retirement plan.

While this site provides you with all of the tools and information you need to use the Product Allocation strategy, click the links below for information directly related to the consumer site. You may also wish to preview the new client site to prepare you for any questions you receive from your clients.

Risk Scores

Goal Attribute Scores

Product Allocation Client Brochure

The Transition into Retirement

Retirement Priorities